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atom bohr s shell model britannica com - bohr s shell model in 1913 bohr proposed his quantized shell model of the atom see bohr atomic model to explain how electrons can have stable orbits around the nucleus the motion of the electrons in the rutherford model was unstable because according to classical mechanics and electromagnetic theory any charged particle moving on a curved path emits electromagnetic radiation thus the, atom orbits and energy levels britannica com - atom orbits and energy levels unlike planets orbiting the sun electrons cannot be at any arbitrary distance from the nucleus they can exist only in certain specific locations called allowed orbits this property first explained by danish physicist niels bohr in 1913 is another result of quantum mechanics specifically the requirement that the angular momentum of an electron in orbit, the first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave - this is where the experiment s trick comes in the scientists shot a stream of electrons close to the nanowire using them to image the standing wave of light, the holographic universe simulation hypothesis crystalinks - holographic universe simulation hypothesis reality as a simulation or hologram is no longer a fringe theory with nobel prize winners and other thought leaders believing in it, 10 quantum truths about our universe forbes - quanta are discrete chunks by definition but not everything becomes chunky or indivisible on short scales electromagnetic waves are made of quanta called photons so the waves can, the periodic table of the elements the proceedings of - as an element neutronium neutrons only exist free in neutron stars otherwise they decay into an electron e a proton p a hydrogen atom and an anti neutrino although gravity is much weaker than any of the forces within an atom neutronium is created by the force of gravity collapsing the volume created by electrons in ordinary atoms, the distributed proofreaders canada ebook of possible - t he essays collected in this book have mostly but not all appeared in print in europe they have appeared in the rationalist annual the bermondsey book the nation the daily mail the world to day the manchester guardian the graphic the weekly dispatch discovery modern science and the haagsche maandblad in america they have been published by harper s magazine the forum the