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tube manuals bunker of doom - tube manuals these were either donated by users or with other webmasters permission to mirror and some which were donated may have no permissions, tube data vintage info from the age of vacuum tubes - rca rca hb 3 tube handbook page 1932 rca r 10 tube manual 8 8mb pds file courtesy of anonymous donor 1934 rca rc 12 receiving tube manual 3 6mb pdf file with pdf index 1948 rca rc 15 receiving tube manual 13mb pdf file courtesy of anonymous donor 1951 rca rc 16 receiving tube manual 15mb pdf file courtesy of anonymous donor 1954 rca rc 17 receiving tube manual 15mb pdf file, sylvania 29729 23w compact fluorescent micro mini light - product description this sylvania 23 watt compact fluorescent micro mini light bulb with integral 120 volt ballast and medium screw base comes in a convenient two pack, an frd 10 circularly disposed antenna array cdaa - info from 1965 training manual see figures above circularly disposed antenna array wullenweber the circularly disposed antenna array cdaa consists of a group of omnidirectional antennas symmetrically spaced about the periphery of a circular reflector screen, technical books online tubebooks org - preserving the knowledge of the ancients i ve found that most of the technical books published before about 1964 never had their copyrights renewed so now are in the public domain, theatre organ classified search results page - scam alert users of this system have been receiving emails from parties claiming to want to purchase the item with a cashier s check or money order, frank s electron tube pages history recent additions - 1999 02 15 initial date of my electron tube data sheet homepage www wxs nl 1999 05 06 thanks to ryszard j barczynski who offered me a lot of diskspace online i can put all my datasheets on the web 1999 10 31 i discovered that scanning actual tubes is quite possible, site index early television foundation - 5396 franklin st hilliard oh 43026 614 771 0510 info earlytelevision org, space charge and other low voltage tubes junkbox - tube projects don t always require lethal voltages some tubes were designed to run at 12v others were not but work well anyway at b down to four volts, bunker of doom 8 welcome - notice bunker of doom and bunkerofdoom com are not in any way affiliated with other similarly named sites if it s not dot com then it s not ours there is only one original and true bunker of doom and it is here at bunkerofdoom com we continue to offer the finest and most obscure classical electronics information we can find and recent items of possible interest, wwii communications equipment radioblvd - andrea radio corporation for rca rak 7 cnd 46155 and ral 7 cnd 46156 designed for the navy by rca in 1935 the rak and ral receivers were intended to replace the sylvania built rag and rah receivers designed in 1933, igti rotordynamics org technical literature - we are a family owned professional cleaning services company servicing the nj area we have the equipment and staff to handle your house and office cleaning needs, tube testers and classic electronic test gear alan - tube testers and classic electronic test gear alan douglas on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers provides an overview of pre 1970 vacuum tube test equipment tube testers from 23 manufacturers are tabulated and pictured also covers voms, amateur radio history ac6v - usa amateur radio history and licensing for broadcast radio tv history click here for history of communications electronics in the united states navy click here new book the history of wireless how creative minds produced technology for the masses, answers the most trusted place for answering life s - answers com is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want, management of hyperbilirubinemia in the newborn infant 35 - background in october 1994 the provisional committee for quality improvement and subcommittee on hyperbilirubinemia of the american academy of pediatrics aap produced a practice parameter dealing with the management of hyperbilirubinemia in the healthy term newborn 1 the current guideline represents a consensus of the committee charged by the aap with reviewing and updating the existing, a look at garmin s new ant speed cadence magnet less - in the above orange is the new garmin magnet less sensor while blue is a magnet sensor and grey is garmin vector what you see is that while there is a tiny bit of noise just like indoors overall it still tracks fairly well especially the accelerations, the of and to a in that is was he for it with as his on be - 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